Kyoto Usable Tourist Website

When you come to Kyoto but don’t know what to see, there are few useful websites for tourists

1.Kyoto Design

It’s a Kyoto sight-seeing information portable website for tourists,

You can search the event calendar by categories or by appointed period, but it’s pity the event search is only available in Japanese.

If you can read a little Japanese or are willing to use Google translate, the information will be pretty useful for tourist.

The big 3 events annually in Kyoto are:





It’s very easy to get to those events from Hostel Ginkakuji by bus or by bicycle.


Kyoto Design Website Link:

2. Kyoto city public transport

Lots of people might think in Kyoto it’s convenient to use subway to travel around sight-seeing spots as same as Osaka, but its WRONG. The easiest way to get around is to use Kyoto city bus or riding a BIKE.

So if you choose to use Kyoto city bus, you must get a bus navigation map.

As long as you’d like to visit 3 different spots in one day, it will be good for your wallet to get an one day pass.

You can get an one day pass from the bus driver when you get off the bus for 500yen, easy breezy.


Bus Route Map:

Bus Quick Search:


Original site:

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