Hostel Ginkakuji Surroundings銀閣寺青旅周邊地圖

Hi ! We have marked several places on the map, such as restaurant, grocery store, supermarket, convenience store, bus stop and so on surrounding Hostel Ginkakuji. We also have written comments on the spots(Some Chinese and English). Please scan the QR-code provided or click the map as below. Hoping it would help you going around the area nearby during your stay.

嘿我們製作了銀閣寺青旅周邊的便利地圖!讓您可以快速找到餐廳,超市,便利商店或是鄰近觀光景點,您可以用手機掃描 QR code或是點一下連進Google我的地圖。有些店或景點我們有做簡單的中文評價及介紹。若還想知道我們沒有放進去的重要資訊, 歡迎在下面留言告訴我們喔:D


hostel ginkakuji surroundings google map


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