Pointing Communication tool 餐廳手指溝通卡指差しコミュニケーションツール

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在日本當自由行最怕就是不會講日文,店家又聽不懂英文時,跟店員比手畫腳還無法溝通的狀況, 以下連結是餐廳專用的指一指溝通卡,可以讓你在上餐館時可以順利與店員或老闆溝通喔! When you go to a restaurant and you don’t speak Japanese, restaurant or staff can’t understand English, it makes you feel awkward when you use body language but doesn’t work very well. The link below provides you a very useful tool to communication with restaurants! Pointing communication tool/指一指溝通卡   Reference site: https://www.jfc.go.jp/n/findings/pdf/inbound_pointtool.pdf